What is coaching and how is it conducted?

What is coaching? As a certified Executive Coach, I often get asked about coaching. “What exactly is coaching and what does it involve?” You may have read various definitions and/or heard of different types of coaching. Rather than providing clarity, perhaps these descriptions leave you feeling even more confused. The term “coaching” itself is having […]

The top 5 recruitment strategies for successful hiring

Originally published on Medium.  Are you finding it difficult to find qualified talent for your business in a tight employment market? It might be because you’re relying on pre-pandemic strategies in a post-pandemic world. At LMHR, we are often asked for recruitment support. Here are our top 5 strategies for successful hiring. 1. Be clear on […]

The importance of employment contracts

Why are they so important? An employment contract is a written agreement that documents the duties and responsibilities of each party. For example, the basic duty of an employee is to complete work for an employer and for the employer to provide payment and/or benefit for this service. Having a current, thorough, and legally sound […]

The Great Resignation: How to Avoid It

Company Culture Here’s a well-known fact: burnt out employees are embracing the Great Resignation. In early 2021, our Senior HR Consultant brought up the now-popular term and projected that it was inevitable to take place in Australian shores. It has indeed gained momentum. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid it and help your company recover […]