Why work with LMHR

To us, we prefer the caring human approach as opposed to the mechanical, algorithm approach. We are precise and efficient, but we are way more than just policy and procedures. We partner with you and guide you in business. We build close relationships with all our clients who trust us.

HR is short for Human Resources.

The role of HR is to help you manage an employee’s life cycle and administering goals, entitlements, and benefits. HR is about clear communication of expectations. Understanding and consultation with your staff is the common denominator.

At LMHR, we deal with all people practices in the workplace – from setting up the HR framework, finetuning what is already in place or developing initiatives that fit with the desired culture and direction of the business.

No, we are not a recruiting agency, we do so much more. Through our support however, we do help with recruitment needs, especially in finding the right human capital to fill roles for your business.

It depends on the scope of the matter you need help with. We conduct a proper interview with you about your HR issues, budget, and expectations. We then send you out a proposal to give you a clear step-by-step guide and pricing outline, so there’s no surprises.

For urgent matters we accelerate that process.

We usually charge hourly and work with a retainer that is billed monthly. However, you are not locked in. We also offer set packages for certain items and help clients on an ad hoc basis. We are flexible in our approach and work with your budget and timings. We understand the needs of small and medium businesses well.

While this is our usual arrangement, it is not a requirement. Retainers provide consistent, reliable hours which can work better for your business. We are also fully able to accommodate ad hoc requirements on an “as needed” basis. This means that the number of hours required each month will be determined after speaking about it further during consultation – giving us the opportunity to also discuss what would best suit your budgets too!

For many businesses, outsourcing HR is the answer, IF you have the right consultants on board. For one, it does not add to your headcount which always helps. You will also always have support via LMHR – for day to day, long term, and urgent matters. We have experts at all levels across many specialties who work as a rock-solid team – this is true value for money and puts your mind at ease.

  • We have been in the HR Consulting world for 13 years, and we are confident in our knowledge and expertise.
  • Most of our business is referrals from happy clients – can’t ask for more than that!
  • We work with what the actual needs of your business are, rather than handing you a one-size-fits-all solution. This means that support and any changes will be long term.
  • We are also a very tight-knit team – we closely collaborate and keep our skills fresh by staying informed with the latest HR updates. This is how we can efficiently and expertly support our clients.
  • With our assistance, none of our clients have had to face Fair Work Australia.
  • We are the team that truly care – we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. They will be happy to vouch for us too.

We will ask you to tell us your story. What happened? We will listen and when necessary, backtrack and fill in the puzzle. Don’t hold back in telling us what you need help with. What kind of outcome do you want? It might take a few steps, but we will guide you the whole way.

Afterwards, we give you scenarios and explain risks associated with certain paths and scenarios. We will give you our honest and professional opinion and let you decide which avenue to explore. Ultimately, you make the commercial decisions for your business.

We first investigate the matter by talking to you about the most imminent problems. Following that we may need to talk to your staff and team members to have a better understanding of how we can tackle the issues in the most painless way. LMHR’s job is to come up with a plan amenable to your brand while mitigating risks.

We also write communications for you to provide to your team about our engagement. We take as much pressure off you as much as possible.

We work out a timeline that suits both your business and LMHR. It’s usually on a weekly basis but may vary depending on the HR needs. One of the most important aspects to HR success is being able to work with a sense of momentum however ensuring change is integrated so it lasts — this is a balance that we will work with you on to achieve around timings. This varies from project-to-project and client-to-client, but we make it our goal to get it right. We want you, as well as us, to be fully committed and engaged in this process together, because that means change will be integrated smoothly into your business long term rather than just short term.

LMHR has never had any compliance issues go to Fair Work. Wow! You will significantly reduce your risk around compliance if you let our HR experts guide the way through areas that are near or bordering on non-compliance territory.

Absolutely. That is our number 1 priority for you, everything else flows from there.

Yes! Our company’s main priority is to make the HR process as easy for you as possible and remove any confusion that may have been a pain point. Our approach makes all our clients feel confident in their decisions so they can focus on their own area of expertise.

We have dealt with many serious matters for businesses.

Whatever it is, we do it the legally compliant way to protect your business. We also have employment lawyers on hand as support partners which is an amazing value add for our clients. Now more than ever, they’re fining businesses when they don’t do the right thing.

For example, if you don’t have proper contracts for employees, it’s considered a compliance issue. Compliance is regulated by the government (Fair Work Australia).

Other issues can be bullying, harassment, illegal activity, mental health challenges, employees’ burnouts, and many more.

Yes, we can. We work with your budget. We will guide you to what you need but ultimately it is your decision which path to take with your business.

We want to get you the best value for your money, so we work hard, fast, and efficiently. We know SMBs face challenges in their day-to-day business, so we determine what the priorities are and work within your timeframes and budgets.

We are unshakeable in any situation, and we do it with a genuine smile. We keep our team members informed on what’s happening with our clients at our regular team meetings, so we’re ready to help anytime.

  • Creating, reviewing and/or amending contracts
  • Performance reviews and development programs
  • Performance issues and terminations (and effective exiting)
  • Policy writing or auditing
  • Covid-19 support and guidance
  • Legislative changes (and more recently around Covid)
  • HR Health Check survey
  • Succession Planning
  • Organisational structure reviews
  • Ensuring that you’ve got the right people in the right role
  • Talent recruitment for the future
  • The list goes on …

We’ve regularly encountered businesses where their payroll person, or finance manager, becomes their ad hoc HR manager. However, this is not efficient for your business, and you may also end up losing time and money. It also leaves your business more vulnerable as HR is an expert skill set all on its own. HR is a lot more complex and broader than administering employee contracts.

If your business has grown, you will need someone who’s experienced in different lifecycles of organisations who’s neutral, non-biased and expert in HR.

At LMHR, we know where the pain points are and the solutions to help you with.

Absolutely! We have worked with SMBs for many years, and this is often a question we are asked, particularly as many are privately owned. We do not want to come in and change what is working, only enhance this further. One of the ways we get to know most businesses is via an HR Health Check (see points below.)

The best way to work out the scope and priorities is through our LMHR Health Check. Our HR Health Check assists companies in determining how effective the workforce really is. This has been a hugely successful strategy, with 100% positive feedback from past and present clients who have experienced this service – thousands of people! It helps determine what needs improvement within the company, as well as what is working well.

The first step of establishing your business as an industry leader begins by ensuring that there are no/few risks involved for employees through implementing a program like our HR Health Check.

The LMHR Health Check is an outstanding service that can help you identify the strengths and areas for improvement within your business. After completing the LMHR Health Check, business leaders will be more confident about knowing what’s needed next as well as which priorities need to be established.

The LMHR Health Check aims:
  • To gain a deeper understanding of your business and culture.
  • To gauge the ‘health’ of the business by identifying strengths as well as areas for improvement.
  • To give the team ‘a voice’ in a structured, productive manner (reducing gossip).
  • To build rapport with staff to implement a plan of change.
  • To give the workforce the confidence that management are committed to continuous improvement.
  • To use the information to formulate a plan for change and to identify priorities.
  • To allow your company to overcome obstacles and create a better culture
  • To ensure the information gathered strongly contributes to ongoing business growth and success.
  • Effective leadership for the business
  • Cost-effective solutions to remove HR burden
  • Solutions to specific issues faced by growing businesses
  • Improve the employer branding of your company
  • Reduce legal liability risks around compliance
  • Protect your employee engagement (the largest asset)
  • Boost employee morale and success
  • Manageable company operations
  • Increased revenue
  • Managers will have the right team members to execute their vision
  • Depth of culture is greatly improved
  • Creativity and innovation are fostered in the workplace
  • Employee satisfaction can increase significantly

Yes, we can! We have worked with many a successful business to help them grow and succeed. It is one of our specialties. We also work regularly with businesses who have experienced significant growth quickly and they need urgent help to untangle the HR minefield they are experiencing.

Yes! We have many clients who would be more than happy to talk, to give you an insight into how we work and how we have helped them.

Yes! To sell your business, you need to have compliance and HR infrastructure in place, otherwise it won’t sell. We work with businesses on a regular basis to achieve this.

SMB is Small-to-Medium Business and SME is Small Medium Enterprise. We asked our community which one they use the most to describe” small and medium businesses” and received a 50/50 response. However, many in the creative field thought SME only refers to Subject Matter Expert, so we decided on using SMB for our writing style.

Complete list of LMHR Services can be found here. We have you covered.