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Welcome to LMHR

LMHR offers you HR solutions that take away the pain. We’ve been in the business since 2008 and what makes us stand out from the rest is that we are known to be truly present for our clients’ needs.

The ebb and flow of business can be unpredictable – we provide customised, personalised services, so you can save time and money without sacrificing quality.

Meet Our Team
invaluable investment

Meet the team

We appreciate and understand that our clients hire us as an invaluable investment for their business. We are thrilled to be their partners in business!

LMHR comprises a diverse multicultural Australian team. Some of us were born and raised here, while some of us have come from overseas and have made Australia our home.

Welcome to LMHR. We are looking forward to working with you.

Loren Mitchell

Director of LMHR

Loren Mitchell is our company’s Director and Principal Consultant at LMHR. She is an expert with 20+ years of experience in Human Resource management and consulting. While SMBs have become her area of specialty in more than the last decade, she has garnered her knowledge from the corporate world and not-for-profit organisations. Having had her business for 13+ years, Loren is at the forefront of Human Resource Consulting and is an HR expert with an analytical mind and the ability to articulate best practice. With a strong understanding of the overarching HR ecosystem, she can apply this knowledge to help SMBs to achieve their goals and Loren ensures this runs through the veins of the LMHR team.

Loren has overcome a variety of great personal challenges— she has handled them calmly and capably, without losing focus on the big picture. Even when things get tough or chaotic around her! A lover of music, animals, with appreciation of interior decorating, Loren enjoys bushwalking through nature’s beauty whist being with her family.

Christine Robinson

Senior HR Consultant

Christine is a Senior HR Generalist who’s passionate about partnering with business leaders. With 20+ years of experience, she has a proven track record in helping transform organisations and inspire its leaders. Christine is an expert in policy development, resource planning and driving changes. Her keen understanding of the business world has been vital in her ability to motivate employees to thrive. Christine’s broad experience also qualifies her to guide you in policies and procedures related to employment law. Clients truly appreciate Christine’s no-nonsense approach.

Christine enjoys traveling and reading a good book.

Sarah van Loon

HR Consultant

Sarah has been invaluable in helping SMEs achieve both their short-term and long-term goals. She specialises in our signature service, the LMHR Health Check, as well as making sense of the HR chaos and delving into urgent issues with ease. As a consultant, Sarah delivers results by prioritising a strong business framework from top to bottom. Known to provide great guidance at balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the team harmoniously, Sarah consistently achieves excellent outcomes. A perfect fit for the LMHR clients, who love her!

Sarah enjoys cheese, wine and adores dahlias.

Sarah Wiles

HR Consultant

Sarah (otherwise known as “Wilesy”) is an experienced HR generalist. Her work in legal professional services and universities HR team gave her a solid foundation and knowledge in operational HR. After a career break, she went on to acquire Executive Coaching accreditation, which proved to enhance her coaching and training skills. Genuinely passionate about helping individuals and businesses to identify and reach their potential, Wilesy is delighted to provide her specialties to LMHR clients. Wilesy has a fantastic personality, is an expert in her field and does what it takes to get the job done!

Wilesy is a stationery addict and a book club nerd.

Sarah-Jane Michaelis

HR Consultant

Sarah-Jane (also known as “SJ”) focuses on providing front and back-end HR services for LMHR to ensure day-to-day operational success. She provides essential office support for LMHR in process, infrastructure, and management. SJ also handles exit interviews, reference checking, collation of employee performance reviews, updating policies and amendments to contracts. There’s not much that SJ doesn’t do, and clients love the wonderful reliability of SJ’s diligence. Absolutely nothing falls through the cracks!

SJ is an avid Formula 1 racing car fan, a marathon runner, jigsaw puzzle solver and lover of baked cheesecake.

Danica Bolton

HR Advisor

Danica has a variety of experience across industries, private and government organisations which has given her a depth of knowledge to create unique people solutions. Having been exposed to a variety of mergers and acquisitions, Danica has an acute understanding on streamlining business, people process, as well as supporting and rebuilding cultures. She has also worked in supporting supermarket giants through redundancies and restructures whilst providing a network for managers and team members to feel safe and secure.

Danica loves being in nature, ice lattes and her family.

Meilinda Thiem

Digital Content & Marketing

Meilinda (pronounced “Melinda”) has a thing for stories and marketing – her career spans over print, digital and online publications. Whether it’s writing about art, fashion, tech, expat life or the HR world, she makes sure the stories you read have a pulse of their own. After living in a European country and juggling 3 languages a day, Meilinda is grateful to be home in Sydney and thrilled to be a part of a business that shares her outlook on work and life balance.

Meilinda indulges in cooking (inhaling) new recipes, reading historical fiction, and hitting the beach.

Elena Ramos

Personal Assistant

What Elena does in a day is incredible! Her attention to organisational detail is razor-sharp and she doesn’t miss a thing. Ever. Her record keeping is impeccable, and she does not leave things to chance. Elena keeps Loren’s life in check and is an essential part of the fabric at LMHR – she’s the right hand of LMHR we are so grateful that she has made us a part of her life. We are fortunate that Elena has made Australia her home, on top of her native country Spain.

Elena loves whales, bright colours, delicious food, and siestas.

Giulia Giacomini

Personal Assistant/Admin

Giulia brings her flawless coordination and timely structure to the LMHR team. Her professional background is diverse and applicable to LMHR’s flavours – from an Italian master’s in law degree to a master in HR from Vancouver – Giulia can extract and combine the best of both worlds in her professional and personal life. Working closely with Elena, she keeps Loren and the LMHR team stay on point and organised.

Giulia enjoys being crafty and making her own homemade gnocci.

Carol Reed

Wellness Specialist

Having run her own private practise for over 15 years, Carol has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and teams breakthrough old patterns and find peace professionally and personally as they are usually intertwined – this is why it is so important we have this support available to our clients. Carol has helped many dozens of people via LMHR Consulting, likely 100’s…!

Carol loves to grow and eat her own food, sit around a campfire with friends and helping and healing others.