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Compliance – Remuneration, Contracts, Awards, Policies

HR compliance is one of the most important things you can secure for your business. Proactive planning, understanding your staff costs and diligent monitoring of compliance ensure you meet your requirements. It is also essential for retaining valuable employees, attracting talent, and ensuring a high performing workplace.

A Bespoke approach

Why you need Business Coaching Services

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you know your obligations under the National Employment Standards (NES)?
  • Do you know which Modern Award/s applies to your business?
  • Did you know that some employers may have multiple awards that apply to their workforce?
  • Do you know the minimum rate of pay under the relevant modern award for each of your employees?
  • Did you know there are multiple conditions aside from pay rate under modern awards that your business needs to follow?
  • Are you familiar with the latest requirements around casual conversion to permanent part-time or full-time work? 
  • Do you have a goof understanding of overtime and leave loading for your team?
  • How current are your employment contracts for all your employees?
  • Are your policies and procedures up to date and do they work to support your employees and business?
  • Do your employees understand their obligations to adhere to your policies and procedures?
  • Do you have clear, current, and signed position descriptions for each of your employees?
  • Are you aware of your record keeping obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009?
  • Do you know what information you need to include on payslips?
  • Do you know how much notice of termination is required?

Understanding and proactively managing compliance in your workplace aims to:

  • Save your business money from non-compliance
  • Provide a realistic picture of your labour costs essential for your bottom line.
  • Create a positive workplace culture by doing it the right way, earning you the reputation as an employer to work for
  • Retain employees – happy employees make for productive employees
  • Provide you with peace of mind that you are meeting your obligations as an employer under Australian Workplace Laws
  • Mitigate risk associated with non-compliance and a negative impact on your brand
  • Allow you to focus on growing your business