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How we work

We provide vital HR outsourcing support to businesses without an HR function and, at times, those that do.

We specialise in privately owned businesses who are striving for growth however also work with Corporates and not for profits to support all owners and leaders in achieving goals. You can’t do it alone!

LMHR have a long-standing, proven track record and are experts at providing practical, compliant, commercial solutions to managing human resource consulting needs. These are all wrapped up nicely with a motivated team and high performance culture for you.

An approach that works

Uniquely, LMHR will work with you through a “zoom in and out lens”.

From attending board meetings and strategy development to HR documentation, compliance and design.

We offer solutions that take away the pain!

Our Expertise

Each of our consultants bring their unique specialisation and experience to the table however are also generalists and can assist clients across the board.

HR Health Check

The perfect place to start. By gaining a deeper understanding of your business and culture we can formulate a plan for change over a period of time that works for you..

I would like info on the HR Health Check

Team & Culture

What does this actually mean you may say! Yes, this is a broad topic and we will navigate it for you from workforce planning, organisational structures to an integrated culture and recognition. We are rapid relationship builders. In all we do we are human, unshakeable, genuine, approachable, reliable, engaging, solutions focussed, positive and show emotional intelligence.

Performance Reviews

The complete process – from appraisal templates to vital training and supporting information, we provide step-by-step information.

Compliance Policies and Procedures

Be it bullying and harassment training, HR policies with processes or onboarding and offboarding processes we provide trusted advice and integration into business across the board.

Termination Support

Before, during and after-the-fact, we will provide advice, support and practical assistance.

Wellness and Wellbeing

There couldn’t be a more relevant time. From the design and implementation of wellbeing programs to advice lines to support team members, we work to ensure the culture is the best it can be.

Coaching & Keeping On Track

In all forms: from leadership, business strategy, and goal setting, to coaching for building confidence and building resilience. We ensure business owners and leaders are not alone and coach at any level required


This is a large investment in business and you need to get it right. Whether it be an attraction strategy, recruiting for a specific role, recruitment policy, interview training and everything in between, we can help you.

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A high level of service and commitment is always our top priority. The better our understanding of your business, the better pain free result we can achieve together.