Recruitment and Onboarding– Don’t rush it!

The world of recruitment and onboarding! Two key responsibilities that tend to be rushed however shouldn’t be due to their impact on your new starter and business. Ensuring you have enough people in your team to manage workload is a common task for leaders. There may be times when you feel pressure to fill a […]

R U OK? No really, are you okay?

“The pandemic has irrevocably changed experience, attitudes and vulnerability around mental health.” Richard Pearson, CEO of Headspace For the most part, I consider myself an optimist. I try to find a silver lining in any difficult situation. What I’ve been sensing is that our paradigm has shifted – managing our mental health and becoming more […]

Feedback Matters: Here’s Why

Why feedback is so important In my experience in HR consultancy, I’ve seen three types of feedback provided: positive, negative, or none (really!) I’m a big believer in giving feedback – it truly is the wheel that moves performance forward. Positive feedback motivates employees and negative feedback is instrumental for course correction. Practice what you […]

How to Create an Effective Employee Training and Development Program

A productive, capable and engaged workforce is your recipe for success. It protects your business from losing talent, contributes to a strong employer brand, and allows you to stay competitive. Fundamental to accomplishing this is an effective employee training and development program. A program that ensures the ongoing learning and skills development of your people and […]

What does an HR Audit do for your business?

Prevention is better than cure An HR audit presents several benefits to your business. For the sake of clarity, let’s use an analogy we may all be familiar with: “health check-up” (a.k.a annual check). It’s a proactive means to create plans or control your health, rather than just respond to an issue after it arises. […]

How to empower your employees through coaching

If you’re considering coaching as a part of your employee training and development programs, then you’re at the right place. Your employees want to feel valued and have a sense that they’re capable of achieving more in their career. And as leaders, you want your employees to be inspired, motivated and work towards a common […]

3 things to consider with managing performance

Managing performance plays a significant role in helping your business achieve its goals. The best-case scenario is to have both a highly productive business and engaged, happy employees. Logistically speaking, clear communication is enforced both ways and every employee who works for you would have set objectives, behaviours and standards that measure their performance. Managing […]

The Art of Delegation: 3 Tips for Business Leaders

On our third instalment of learning and leadership training series, let’s focus on an essential skill every leader should practice in your daily routine. You may recall that on our last  leadership training blog, we mentioned that it is no longer only about you completing your work, it is about achieving results through others. This […]

How Your Behaviour Impacts Your Employees

Your behaviour as a leader Our blog team launched a leadership series which debuted with tips on communication. As the second instalment, we continue to focus on a leader’s behaviour and how it impacts your employees. Leaders at all levels help set the tone for their organisations. Here are some tips that may be useful […]