Feedback Matters: Here’s Why

Why feedback is so important

In my experience in HR consultancy, I’ve seen three types of feedback provided: positive, negative, or none (really!)

I’m a big believer in giving feedback – it truly is the wheel that moves performance forward. Positive feedback motivates employees and negative feedback is instrumental for course correction.

Practice what you preach

Recently, I dreaded taking my son back to his swimming lesson. He was rather new at it and the previous sessions were not a great experience for any of us.Going underwater was his least favourite thing to do which led to tears and an unhappy child. I was nervous to see how this lesson would unfold.To my delight, a change took place. His new instructor made all the difference. Her approach was warm, friendly, but firm when required. My son on that day wasn’t traumatised by the lesson and admitted that he started to like it now. Impressed with her approach, I sent an email to the swim school coordinator singing her praises, the swimming instructor who made a real difference. She was respectful of my son’s genuine fear of going underwater whilst knowing where to push him to try something new. I could have just thought about how great the instructor was but felt compelled to pass on the feedback.

Moving performance forward

I truly feel that feedback is the wheel which moves performance forward. Positive feedback is known to increase staff morale – it helps employees know more about themselves, what they are doing and the impact it makes. In my experience, even if an employee doesn’t vocalise it, they do crave it and appreciate it.

So as a manager, making the effort to praise and provide regular feedback can make all the difference. When a customer praises one your employees, be sure to let them know immediately!

A week later, I saw the swimming instructor and she thanked me for the lovely message. She had a big smile on her face that matched my son’s after that breakthrough lesson. She said her manager was very happy to receive it and passed it onto to her.

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