Top 10 Leadership Skills That Will Accelerate Performance

There has been a dramatic change in the role of a leader over the years. In the past, leaders seemed to have all the answers, but now we need people who are not just authoritative and confident at the helm. In a post-pandemic world, leaders need training and development to stay up to date. Here […]

Festive Season Is Here: Six Weeks to Christmas!

The end of year is meant to be a joyous time, and it is also a very busy time for many. We’re talking festive season, celebrations, end-of-year parties from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. It has the potential to be challenging for employers on several levels. In HR speak, we call them Workplace Health & […]

How to launch a workplace wellbeing program that works

Originally published by Talenza, in collaboration with LMHR Consulting.  Heard much about employee wellness programs? They’re becoming as important to company culture as bean bags were to dot com startups – and are gaining major traction in management circles across the globe.  If you’re new to the idea, a wellness program takes a preventative, proactive approach to […]

Top 10 Performance Management Tips and Techniques

The success of your business delivering against its goals and objectives centres on the ongoing performance of your employees. Performance Management can be cumbersome, these top 10 tips and techniques can help navigate your way. The Job Description A Job Description (JD) is your super tool, and its role shouldn’t be underestimated when managing performance. […]

Future of Work – are we there yet?

Egg freezing procedures as an incentive: a good thing or insidious? Whist we may be on our way to planning Vivid 2023, topics discussed this year have certainly had an impact. It seems fitting to share our thoughts on a discussion that took place at a Future of Work/Vivid 2022 event at UTS. In the […]

Mother’s Day 2022

Mums, we’re celebrating you today! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums! As a team of working mums, we know how it’s like to be “professional jugglers”. Today is your day and I hope you are truly taking the time to take the day to yourself. You deserve it! We are also thinking of our […]

How to prepare your business for when things are out of balance

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, is that pivoting and adjusting when things go awry are not enough. We are now expected to anticipate change and be prepared to adapt in advance. In short, have plan B in place. If you run your business in 2022 the pre-pandemic way, things could get  overwhelming […]

International Women’s Day 2022

We’re celebrating you today! The LMHR team wishes you a wonderful International Women’s Day. We appreciate you in our lives and all over the world – women who show up and are making strides, day in and day out. We see, appreciate and celebrate you today and everyday! Picture above is from our recent quarterly […]

Vaccinations at work

Where do you start? Should you mandate it? How do you manage team members who don’t want to get vaccinated? These questions fly through our heads as business owners, managers and HR executives. We can be concerned that we are not making the right decision for our clients, business or team, all of which are […]