Does your Workplace have A Current COVID Safe Plan?

The unprecedented events of the pandemic have changed the way the workplace is managed and above all how your employees interact. Many organisations are now looking to transition their employees back into the workplace. This transition should be approached with understanding and an open mind .

That is why, it is important that a detailed and considered COVID Plan is designed and implemented, ensuring employee wellbeing, health and safety. A plan that shows your employees you care and one that supports your employees who may be feeling anxious about returning to work.

SafeWork Australia provides information on your requirements to ensure the health and safety of employees and these should be your guide. The LMHR Team and I have prepared some poignant questions you should be answering when creating your plan.

What will your communication plan be?

Frequency of communication, tone and delivery is fundamental. So too is ensuring your leaders/managers are reinforcing the messages you want delivered.

Social distancing is still a requirement, and may well remain so for a while:

  • How will you implement social distancing in the workplace? Direct employees must keep a 1.5 metre distance between them.
  • How will your employees get to work? If the majority of your employees take public transport to work, it is important to reiterate that they adhere to government regulations of wearing face masks.
  • Consider a staggered roster and or a spread of hours of work to ensure social distancing and the square rule metre rules are in place, this will ensure that the maximum number of employees within a workspace does not exceed the requirements.
  • Are you able to maintain remote working arrangements with groups of employees or on certain days to create ease and remove the anxiety for those employees who may find it difficult to transition back to work? Stay tuned on more tips about working from home.

Consider your office set up:

  • What signage do you have in your workplace reminding employees of the health risks of COVID and how important it is to practice good hygiene? – Place signage in the bathrooms or at sinks to remind employees to practice good hygiene and constantly wash hands, or where this is not possible, to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Ensure there is adequate amounts of soap and hand sanitizer within the workplace, and it is constantly refilled and ready to go.
  • Signage / Posters – Signs and posters around the workplace remind employees of the health risks of COVID. Ensure posters are visible within the workplace reminding employees about how they can stop spreading COVID, how to wash hands and physical distancing requirements.
  • How will communal spaces be used in your workplace? – It is a good idea to stagger lunch break times in communal spaces to ensure there aren’t large amounts of employees in the ‘lunchroom’. Spreading out dining furniture and having limited amounts of employees in communal spaces at any given time is a good idea to avoid by physical distancing requirements.
  • Does your desk setup need to be redesigned? – Depending on your workspace, the office may need to be redesigned to ensure workflow is adequate, and safe. This will ensure a constant 1.5 metre distance requirement is in place amongst desks, by spreading furniture, tables are constantly wiped down and relooking at how hot desking is managed
  • How will you welcome visitors to the workplace? Do you have your QR code set up and will you consider taking their temperatures upon arrival? – Make sure all visitors sign in to the workplace when attending through a simple QR code, take their temperature and monitor any symptoms they may have.

Unfortunately, we have seen outbreaks occur and spread so quickly – what is your plan if an employee contracts COVID? How will you manage absences as we head into the winter season?

Although many businesses would have now put some of these practices in place, the environment is constantly fluctuating so it is important to constantly be up to date with COVID requirements. LMHR can help take this pain away. Contact us today to develop a transition plan or build upon your current plan that best suits your business. We can provide you with communication plans (fundamental to the success of your plan), support for your managers to manage the transition (ensuring as leaders you are united in your approach) and checklists and procedures to ensure you navigate the transition of your employees or move to the next stage in a timely and caring manner.

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