Carol Reed: Mental Health Advice for Working from Home

Who is Carol Reed?

Carol Reed has been working in the health industry for over 18 years, in private practice and working in-house at LMHR Consulting. Having transitioned from a career in IT she has a deep understanding of corporate workplace pressures combined with maintaining optimal health and wellness. Carol has a number of industry qualified modalities that she refers to when developing the specific plan that suits the requirements of the client or team. Carol has worked with sufferers of addiction, personal trauma and helped many individuals overcome disruptive workplace dynamics enabling teams to work more effectively and harmoniously.

As person-to-person contact is becoming increasingly more difficult, Carol offers online support via a number of different platforms. This is not only efficient for businesses logistically, but it has also proven to be highly successful with individuals due to less distractions, focused commitment and the choice of a comfortable private space chosen by the client.

As a leader, your ability to offer support to meet your staff needs and business ambitions is vital in alleviating or exacerbating the impacts of this experience. This includes the opportunity to have a profoundly positive impact. With the tools we offer, we are confident we can support you and your team to implement highly effective and supportive leadership.

How can we help?

We recommend anyone experiencing heightened mental health issues or stress at the moment to speak with a health professional. We also recommend you read our recent blog, with Mental Health expert tips.

We have been working and counseling remotely for years – we are experts at it. We offer Therapy and Well-being Packages with remote sessions for one-on-one and group counseling, meditation, and general wellness. These are tailor made for employers, employee’s and individuals who need the support.

Keen to learn more? Please reach out to us at to receive your info pack.

From our team at LMHR Consulting, we wish you all a healthy, safe, calm, and productive day. We are all in this together.

For any advice or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.