Enjoying ‘Freedom Week’? Put These on Your To-Do List

With NSW’s lockdown easing this week, many of us have already secured our beauty appointments (a.k.a mental health measures) and social plans to meet with friends and family. As exciting as ‘freedom week’ is, we felt it might be a good opportunity to take a step back and share our thoughts with our wonderful colleagues, simply because we care. How about putting these on your to-do list?

A date with (your) GP

Let’s remind ourselves to prioritise routine health check appointments and make an appointment with your GP. There is a concern that Cancer Australia pointed out recently – there have been reductions in diagnostic investigation for cancers in covid times. It is a concern and the message is clear: you shouldn’t wait on getting your health check. So, act today and schedule your appointment to keep yourself healthy. And don’t forget to visit your dentist.

Breast cancer awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month­. We understand that early detection is best and when it comes to breasts, it can be done either by self-exam, a visit to the doctor’s office or getting an ultrasound. The latter is particularly beneficial for those with dense breasts, as dense breast tissue can conceal potential cancer not detected by mammograms. It’s always a good idea to have an open conversation with your GP for any concerns you might have. Don’t delay any further – it’s too important to miss. Did you know that men can develop breast cancer too?

Mental health: how are you placed?

The pandemic and subsequently our lockdowns have an adverse effect on our mental health. One in five Australians are feeling high levels of distress due to isolation. According to MensLine Australia, anxiety is the most common mental health issue in our country – since our emotional state often dictates how we behave, it is important to seek help when we need it, where you can talk freely and in confidence.

World Mental Health Day may have packed your social media feeds with a reminder that we need positive actions towards our own wellbeing, whilst looking out for others who could be going through something similar too. As mentioned before this isn’t just about creating healthy workplaces but also being kinder individuals, which can only benefit all of us!

Kindness matters

It’s great to see the hospitality and beauty service industries re-opening after such a devastating time. As they reopen, you can bet that there will be an influx of customers eager for their services! It may seem like new rules are being imposed on these businesses. Many small operations might not survive without following some basic guidelines about how they should operate now more than ever before. Due diligence must take place when opening shop again or risk getting heavily fined by authorities.

Business owners and their staff could be facing relentless customers who are not happy about being asked for their covid vaccine certificates. Please be extra kind and remember that from a business point of view, they would not want to refuse you.

Our early Christmas wish

We hope you are enjoying the ‘freedom week’. May our cups runneth over with joy all around. Be mindful that there are others in our communities that are more vulnerable than others — vaccinated or not— and it’s on us that we take care of one another.

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