Vaccinations at work

Where do you start?

Should you mandate it? How do you manage team members who don’t want to get vaccinated?

These questions fly through our heads as business owners, managers and HR executives. We can be concerned that we are not making the right decision for our clients, business or team, all of which are extremely important to us and the success of our business. So how do we walk this fine line?

Vaccinations at work has received the most media coverage since they were first introduced. It can also be a matter of freedom vs compliance, health vs safety and even old vs. young.

Here are three quick pointers to help reassure, question or confirm whether you are making the right decision for your business:

 1) Public health orders are constantly changing.

Ensure you are up to date with the latest health orders for your industry.

2) Directing team members to be vaccinated must be lawful and reasonable.

3) Review the business and relationships in totality.

For example, how is the work performed? Can you socially distance? Can you wear a mask? Do you have close interactions with vulnerable people?

As a business owner/manager/HR executive we need to remind ourselves we still have an underlying obligation to ensure our teams health, safety and wellbeing is protected. All three of these perspectives need to be considered if you are considering mandating vaccines at your workplace.

If you need expert guidance in covid policy management or would like to have some general advice, we can help. HR can be painful. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on running the show. Get help now. Contact us today.