4 Ways to Covid-Christmas Party

2020 was an absolutely unforeseen year, we know you will agree! And with all the craziness, many businesses are feeling the need to just skip the end of year Christmas party this year.

However, we would highly recommend continuing the festive tradition, even more so this year than previous years. This will help to install positivity and comradery across your team, and will finish the year off with a well-deserved celebration! Although it may feel hard to organise an end of year get together with your work team, there are still some Covid-safe options the team can utilise to unwind together and forget about the upheaval 2020 has caused, all whilst keeping the team happy and healthy.

Your end of year team gathering may be different to how it usually is, but embrace the change and give these safe, yet exciting, Covid-Christmas party ideas and activities a go:

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an absolute favourite when it comes to festive holiday games. Although you may not have seen the team face-to-face a lot throughout the year, there are still some great ways to play this holiday favourite with your work team. Use an online Secret Santa generator such as, Secret Santa Generator or DrawNames Australia so that each player can draw a team member’s name. With these online generators you can set a gift budget and a wish list. If it is okay with the team, provide each other with your postal address, and expect a surprise gift at your door from a team member approaching the Christmas holidays. Who doesn’t love a surprise delivery!?

Video Call & Cocktails/Mocktails

Christmas will definitely look different this month, however, if your business has been predominantly operating online this year, why not unwind with the team online over a video call, whilst making a speciality cocktail or mocktail from home (just one! 😊). Send your team an online Christmas party invitation, and be sure to tell each member to come prepared with their favourite cocktail or mocktail. Share with each other your favourite holiday drink recipe, and sip & chat using your favourite video conferencing communicator. Keep in mind, always be safe and appropriate when consuming alcohol with the team, and set the standards prior to the party so it is clear for all.

Christmas Outfit & Movie Night

Everyone loves dressing up in a funny outfit, so why not use the Christmas theme and celebrate online together with the team over a movie streamed via your favourite video conferencing tool. Send an E-Invite to the team and tell them to join online in their favourite Christmas themes outfit, with a few of their go-to snacks. Stream a classical favourite holiday movie, via “Share Your Screen”, and enjoy the relaxation, laughs and unwinding time with the team. You could even vote on the best outfit.

Holiday Lunch or Dinner

Depending on the restrictions and health regulations of your location, get together with the team at a local café or restaurant. Enjoy a meal and drink, and reflect on the eventful year that was. Our added suggestion? Follow up the meal with a fun activity, such as bowling or mini golf. There are definitely still ways you can have fun and unwind from this unforgettable year whilst following the state health regulations.
Regardless of the method you choose, setting aside time to reflect and relax with your team will ensure you head into the New Year with a fresh, positive outlook and a strong sense of team comradery.

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From the LMHR Consulting Team & Myself, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.