Intense Problem Solving: Is This Your Norm?

Multitasking intense problem solving Intense problem-solving is a common theme of my life. To many people, it looks like I’m juggling my professional and personal lives with ease. If you look closer, it’s a lot trickier as to how I multitask and troubleshoot. I have learnt to not let it worry me, if I’m laser-focused […]

Resilience: is it always a positive trait?

Recipe for a burnout Being resilient is considered a positive trait and the captain of the ship is the expert juggler. I see this in our society and in myself. There isn’t a medal for the first to rise and last to rest in our household and yet we do it daily. It’s a perfect […]

What is coaching and how is it conducted?

What is coaching? As a certified Executive Coach, I often get asked about coaching. “What exactly is coaching and what does it involve?” You may have read various definitions and/or heard of different types of coaching. Rather than providing clarity, perhaps these descriptions leave you feeling even more confused. The term “coaching” itself is having […]