Intense Problem Solving: Is This Your Norm?

Multitasking intense problem solving

Intense problem-solving is a common theme of my life. To many people, it looks like I’m juggling my professional and personal lives with ease. If you look closer, it’s a lot trickier as to how I multitask and troubleshoot. I have learnt to not let it worry me, if I’m laser-focused on my why. A valuable lesson I have learnt in life is that it’s indeed a journey and there is no real one destination. So we need to be able to have our daily routines as well as flexibility, motivating self-talk and purpose (the why!)

My why is that I truly enjoy helping people solve their problems. I’m passionate about the business world. My why is seeing the happiness in my clients, as I see their businesses growing successfully.

I’m a part of the journey and I tackle difficult conversations between people. My why is prioritising mental health – I genuinely care for those I work with, and I feel that we can never take things for granted.

My kids: my big why

Every single day, I sprint from one role to another: single motherhood, business owner, leader, carer to health needs in my family, partner, widow, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, and problem solver in one. Ha! Just a few but I am not alone, we are all trying to wear many hats every day and it continues to increase from what I can see.

Always remember the why! Being resilient has its challenges too so I also have a coach to help me when things get overwhelming and to keep me consistently on track as to my purpose and priorities. What is your why? More importantly, how can I help?

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