Resilience: is it always a positive trait?

Recipe for a burnout

Being resilient is considered a positive trait and the captain of the ship is the expert juggler. I see this in our society and in myself. There isn’t a medal for the first to rise and last to rest in our household and yet we do it daily. It’s a perfect recipe for a burnout – trying to reconcile striving to reach our goals whilst being everyone’s caretaker. And then, it happened. Boom, crash, exhaustion hit.

I needed someone to tell me what to do. Reaching out to my coach —yes, business coaches have their own personal coaches too—she urgently pressed the imaginary reset button. My coach gave me an emergency prescription and I took it. I packed my bags, made sure the kids were well taken care of and drove south.

Once at the south coast, I walked on the beach, slept in, and worked. Wash, rinse, and repeat. For three whole days. And within three days, I accomplished a month’s worth of backlogged admin work.

Because I had the luxury of self-care and a caring coach, the day I prioritised my mental health paid dividends. My work efficiency is heightened and it’s what my awesome clients deserve. I’m still resilient, still without a medal but I’m no longer burnt out. You deserve the same.


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