Working from Home – Tips + Procedures

Recent events turned the head on remote working or working from home. Employers who didn’t have measures in place or those with traditional ways of working had no choice in the matter. It became a necessity!

Now that organisations can transition their employees back into the workplace, a number are looking at the remote working landscape or a hybrid as beneficial for workplace life. Some employees thrive in this environment and managers are getting more out of these engaged employees and everyone benefits. On top of that, organisations now have access to talent that the traditional workplace prevented them from, be it distance or whatever reason.

This may not be the case for all. Everyone is not the same and organisations who identify the differences with their employees will certainly benefit and see the results in output from having a diverse workforce.

Now that the dust is starting to settle, for those employers who implemented a remote working set up and are still considering continuing this or a hybrid approach, it is time to look at their obligations to ensure long term benefits for both the employer and the employee.

A procedure is paramount to ensure arrangements, requirements and responsibilities are clear and understood. As with all changes to an employee’s terms and conditions, this arrangement should be in writing and agreed by both parties.

You and your employee are responsible for their health and safety and so assessing the conditions of their work environment via a checklist or work from home evaluation is a must. Organisations are at the risk of a rise in worker compensation claims if assessments are not carried out and necessary setup changes are not implemented. Who is responsible to cover the costs to ensure the home environment is at the standard required?

It is expected that an employee will perform at a similar level as they would if they were based in the workplace so what measures will you have in place to ensure they are still part of the team and or organisation? How will you as a manager provide support and measure their performance ensuring you get the best out of them and they are accountable and self-motivated?

Traditional views of “I don’t know what they are doing, if I can’t see them” were certainly challenged during recent events so how did we manage? No doubt it was a trial by error, but the LMHR Team implemented steps and procedures to ensure adequate and effective communication and work management from home.

The LMHR Team can help take the pain away and implement a procedure for your business and employees who are working remotely and from home. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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