Moving the needle on covid vaccination

It’s understood that Australia is lagging in terms of acceptable vaccine rates, or “vaccine pressure” as described by Minister of Customer Service, Victor Dominello. Apparently as of the second week of July 2021, our vaccine pressure was at 26/8. That means, 26% of the population have had one shot of vaccine and 8% have had two. Ouch. No wonder the New York Times is making fun of us as a country!

We have been receiving an A+ in keeping the infection rates under control thanks to strict travel bans, contact tracing, and QR-code check-ins. So much so that we’ve also become complacent with covid vaccinations. Until now that is – the panic button is definitely on red alert. We’re back to strictly WFH whenever possible, homeschooling, and a multitude of restrictions to abide for safety reasons.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, what would you do with your workplace? Would you be inclined in participating in moving the needle – pun intended – so that our vaccination rates are within acceptable rates? Would you say that’s the right thing to do for your own safety, that of your colleagues, employees, and the community?

Covid vaccination articles are trending and here are a couple of them: The Australian published an article about rolling out vaccine in a workplace, where encouragement is key as opposed to mandating them. Business Insider promoted paid vaccination leave and stated, “Paid vaccination leave would protect vulnerable workers against COVID-19 while costing businesses and governments less than future lockdowns.”

Given the opportunity and government support, how do you feel about rolling out covid vaccinations at your workplace? This is something that’s potentially coming to the pipeline, and we do need to start asking ourselves these questions and see how our employees respond and its impact on your team.

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Disclaimer: We know that not everyone agrees on whether to get covid vaccinations. Some people think it’s a great idea, while others are more cautious. We are here to offer a healthy discussion and do not mean to offend your own personal beliefs.