Top 10 Leadership Skills That Will Accelerate Performance

There has been a dramatic change in the role of a leader over the years. In the past, leaders seemed to have all the answers, but now we need people who are not just authoritative and confident at the helm. In a post-pandemic world, leaders need training and development to stay up to date. Here […]

Feedback Matters: Here’s Why

Why feedback is so important In my experience in HR consultancy, I’ve seen three types of feedback provided: positive, negative, or none (really!) I’m a big believer in giving feedback – it truly is the wheel that moves performance forward. Positive feedback motivates employees and negative feedback is instrumental for course correction. Practice what you […]

Intense Problem Solving: Is This Your Norm?

Multitasking intense problem solving Intense problem-solving is a common theme of my life. To many people, it looks like I’m juggling my professional and personal lives with ease. If you look closer, it’s a lot trickier as to how I multitask and troubleshoot. I have learnt to not let it worry me, if I’m laser-focused […]

Resilience: is it always a positive trait?

Recipe for a burnout Being resilient is considered a positive trait and the captain of the ship is the expert juggler. I see this in our society and in myself. There isn’t a medal for the first to rise and last to rest in our household and yet we do it daily. It’s a perfect […]

What is coaching and how is it conducted?

What is coaching? As a certified Executive Coach, I often get asked about coaching. “What exactly is coaching and what does it involve?” You may have read various definitions and/or heard of different types of coaching. Rather than providing clarity, perhaps these descriptions leave you feeling even more confused. The term “coaching” itself is having […]

How to empower your employees through coaching

If you’re considering coaching as a part of your employee training and development programs, then you’re at the right place. Your employees want to feel valued and have a sense that they’re capable of achieving more in their career. And as leaders, you want your employees to be inspired, motivated and work towards a common […]

3 things to consider with managing performance

Managing performance plays a significant role in helping your business achieve its goals. The best-case scenario is to have both a highly productive business and engaged, happy employees. Logistically speaking, clear communication is enforced both ways and every employee who works for you would have set objectives, behaviours and standards that measure their performance. Managing […]

The importance of employment contracts

Why are they so important? An employment contract is a written agreement that documents the duties and responsibilities of each party. For example, the basic duty of an employee is to complete work for an employer and for the employer to provide payment and/or benefit for this service. Having a current, thorough, and legally sound […]

How to prepare your business for when things are out of balance

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, is that pivoting and adjusting when things go awry are not enough. We are now expected to anticipate change and be prepared to adapt in advance. In short, have plan B in place. If you run your business in 2022 the pre-pandemic way, things could get  overwhelming […]