Intense Problem Solving: Is This Your Norm?

Multitasking intense problem solving Intense problem-solving is a common theme of my life. To many people, it looks like I’m juggling my professional and personal lives with ease. If you look closer, it’s a lot trickier as to how I multitask and troubleshoot. I have learnt to not let it worry me, if I’m laser-focused […]

Resilience: is it always a positive trait?

Recipe for a burnout Being resilient is considered a positive trait and the captain of the ship is the expert juggler. I see this in our society and in myself. There isn’t a medal for the first to rise and last to rest in our household and yet we do it daily. It’s a perfect […]

The New Covid Dresscode

The new school pick-up trend Is there such a thing as a Covid dress code? I know it sounds like a trick question but hear me out. On my way to pick up the kids at school, I was on a call with my HR advisor about recruitment support. As I parked the car, she […]

Mental Health at Work

What better time than RU OK? Day on Thursday 9 September 2021 to talk about mental health at work. Mental health affects everyone

4 Ways to Upskill During Lockdown

Now that we have all started to settle into our new ‘at-home’ routines, we are regularly hearing from people that they are eager to use this time to broaden their horizons. Yes, there are many things right now that are out of our control, but one thing that is controllable is our mindset and how […]